The downside with these laptops that they are bricks. Unlike my super lightweight 13” MacBook Air but my girls ABSOLUTELY LOVE their Macbooks. They use them EVERY DAY and they’ve held up to the test. I upgraded one to 16gb of ram and the other at 8gb and they have been working flawlessly.

You can even replace the DVD drive and add another hardrive for storage or configure two SSD drives to act as one drive for super speeds and can double access speed with a Raid O (zero) set up Watch this For $50-100 more and a little work you can make this into a pretty decent turbo boosted laptop running RAID O! Techies might want to try this just for kicks especially if you have some old memory and SSD drives laying around collecting dust. Or buy two identical 250gb SSDs for $100! See links below.

Cosmetically, one can always customize this laptop if white is not your thing, buy a cover to change color and they even make matching keyboard covers! I’ve also posted a video on how to clean them to restore to a beautiful white finish if you want. See Below.